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What Makes DEX Life Coaching Services Unique.

Who are we & how can we help you?

We believe the holistic approach to life coaching is the ultimate model, and as such, the thrust to empower clients/members from this framework.
Designed to inform, learn new things, elicit an increase sense of self-awareness, stimulate and positively impress your mind, body, and soul as being a whole person approach type intervention.
But first, what is life coaching and how can the intervention help you?  The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential”.
Questions are the answers. Life Coaching is taking its rightful place in the field of the variety of human services intervention. And is quickly increasing as a preferred choice which  significantly impacts the lives of people in every aspect of their lives.
What makes the DEX brand unique in its approach? Simply, the dots have been conneced, mapped out and fused together.  Guided by the theme “New Life Awaits You”.    Clients/members are invited to enter a portal experience that can change their lives.
Consider, most times the issues and challenges in our lives is as a result of lack of knowledge, fear, hurt, pain, limited mindsets, lack of self awareness, personal growth and development and most importantly neglect in investing in the greatest asset, YOU.

Designed for…

Who is the target audience? The client/member who is hungry and desirous in seeking life-changing methods and approaches that leads to their personal development in various roles and aspects of life.

What qualifies the DEX coach to lead this charge?  from a nature perspective. I am coming from a heart-centered place in service to others, and passionate about witnessing the transformation in the lives of my clients/members. I approach my work using my highest character signature strength (spirituality).  I dive deep in the issues.

My professional credentials are, BA Social Work, Certifications in Professional Coaching in Positive Psychology, Certified Negative Belief Clearing Practitioner and Certification in  Personality Types at Work. Professional Course Training in Trauma in Children and Adolescents. Former member of International Coaching Federation.

I also advance the critical importance of financial well-being in ways that are modern, trending and future predicted.  A sustainable development component. To get you started in this aspect offered is an opportunity below to get you in the know, get empowered and take action.  The opportunity for membership would further enhance the Leadership In Sunshine  knowledge product for anyone who appreciate the value of making use of the opportunity offered, or, join my Whatsapp group for many announcements on this feature with various presenters sharing their knowledge and opportunities to get you started.

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