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D Euphoria Xperience Life Coaching Services. (DEX)

In this life, nothing is more meaningful than to have left a legacy of inspiring, motivating, and teaching others to become the Best VERSION of who they truly are, and the variety of ways and options they can do so.

The mission is To empower others, and bear witness to their change as they accept the invitation to redesign their life irrespective of age, economic status, or ethnicity. Let’s find empowering ways to treat with personal challenges, and soar full throttle ahead. Close a chapter of the past and design the future.

The solid conviction, that every single one of us has the ability to accomplish amazing things since life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

But be warned…It’s gonna lead you to avenues that would pull the rug of comfort beneath you as you step into your unique path of greatness.

Have you ever felt like…

*Life can be one big joke, and like the carrot on the stick however it applies can be a bit exhausting?
*That love and romance are illusions, bait, or maybe overrated?
* Feelings of being stuck in a rut and below the radar of sunshine and good vibes.
*People are not so predictive, as such, trust, fear, and fake are your expectations only?
*Most importantly, the I factors, that up to this time life has been one horror story after another, and maybe it’s just your luck.

You may have invested in professional help/services but up to this time, you have not experienced the significant, thunderous shift in your circumstances. Why is this so? Where else can I go? or rather, will anything really change for me?

First, if this is so, you’re human! I think most of us feel like this at some point or another.

Here’s the truth…

New life Awaits YOU. That whatever the challenge you may be experiencing in your life as bitter and dark as it is. There’s an equal opposite. Hence the theme above. You’d discover that life is won when we become more self-aware, and a very critical aspect, taking personal responsibility.

No one would rescue you, and neither should they do so entirely. To think in that manner you’re actually robbing yourself of discovering your true and full potential as hard as the situation may be.  Besides, it’s unfair to fully expect and rely on others is both unreasonable and limited.


Get fit mind,body, spirit towards manifesting your purpose, showing up as improved, and fulfilling your unique requirements en route to your new life chapter. Discover why downloads funnel through imagination are sacred and nuanced which most people miss, and are wound up in limitations, unfulfillment, mundane and ordinary. God resides in your imagination!

“Successful people are the ones who hold on when everyone else had let go.”

HOW CAN DEX Life Coaching Services Help YOU!

We are here to help you succeed and enjoy your journey. Here are the kind of things you will find going on here:

The New Life Awaits You  Members Club: Weekly podcast to give you a dose of inspiration and staying power.
Monthly presentations via zoom on learning new things. A sneak peek!
* Fashion Helps My Depression and Self Confidence.
*New Money and Diligence for Financial Transformation
*Get Healthwise.
*Sexuality, Prowess, Manifestation, and Richess.
*Getting to Calming my Anxiety and Anger Issues. etc.

DEX  e-courses and e-books:
*The Magic Of Starting Over.
*Healthy Boundaries.
* A Beginners Guide To Visualization.
*Intimacy and Sexual Issues.

The Members’ Club: Once per month our community lounge aims for people to free flow and chat. Further info would be explained about this feature being exclusive for members only. Get connected with like-minded folks from around the world, you just may never know where your new friendship may lead!

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