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Building Human Capacity Through Life Coaching In Positive Psychology

The power of storytelling is one of those ancient forms of keeping historical events alive, from our former ancestor’s generation passing along and keeping secrets, traditions and the cultural way of life to the next.  The story that I am about to tell seeks to validate and inform the effects and challenges of a shared experience even in our modern world today. And the opportunities that positive psychology affords as a remedy.

Have you heard the pre-historic event about humans having to shield for safety from the saber-tooth tiger? Historical data suggest that human being in their natural habitat shared an opened environment with wild animals, the saber-tooth tiger.  That this was a detrimental threat to human species. One could only imagine to have encounter such an enormous beast, and the chief of the tribe setting a survival plan in motion, in the effort to protect and preserve human life in the wild habitat.   As a result the survival instinct mode sets in high gear, continuously lurking for, and from any external danger.  Fast forward to the present day, the mode is still set.  This is termed as the negativity bias, where some have referred to its origin in the above narrative.  This social conditioning has impaired, and disabled at most the ability to perceive worldviews, and outcomes at a cross-cultural level, away from healthy, hopeful, and optimistic prospects from almost anything and anyone.  External sources of social interactions, such as the daily news, government/political affairs, life’s inevitable tragedies, the physical and mental conditions of well-being. From a perspective of disorder has sure adds its share of enforcement in the negativity bias science and theory.

What is Negativity Bias?

Negativity Bias theory explains that as human beings, our focus and attention gravitates towards any event that presents elements of tragedy and or misfortune. “The negativity bias is the phenomena by which humans give more psychological weight to bad experiences than of good ones. In fact, research identifies that negative emotions have an impact close to 3x stronger than positive emotions” (gostrenghts.com). 

The Remedy of Positive Psychology

The science of Positive Psychology, a pretty new field of human/social psychology within the social sciences discipline, has brought forward the other side to the equation as per the innate human variables, qualities and strengths that resides dormant in each and every one of us.  The intervention of positive psychology, and its antithesis scientific point value systems, when applied enables and optimizes the person towards renewal in thought processes for cognitive development.  Within the neurosciences, scientific evidence has proven fact about the growth and formation of new synapses/cells which is termed neuro-plasticity.  That through the processes of first becoming informed, which then leads to awareness, then mindful intent. That the variety of interventions within the coaching environment, enables the dyer change that persons seek towards vastly improving their quality of life and overall well-being. 

The Happiness Institute, in its quest to empower the human potential for direct growth and psycho-social development within the individual, and the individual within its committed varied roles to include work.  That the science of Happiness, which by the way is no happy-ology.  But more so, aims to develop models and approaches that emerges the human experience in a variety of ways, which can promote consistently the fundamental qualities of well-being. The intervention of life coaches in positive psychology are endowed with scientific skills sets, that are definitely set to broadens one’s horizon. Thereby building human capacity through these varied modalities. 

At the D Euphoria Xperience, we’ve crafted a cadre of services that are sure to enable the process for one’s overall success, or to eloquently state, arriving at another stratosphere in one’s life.  For booking for this service, please refer to the booking section on the website.  Do you wish for more meaning, purpose that can lead you to your calling to serve on a whole new level?  Allow us to unleash the legend within, which are served and suggested in a number of fun and exciting ways.  Equipping you well on the way to discovering more happiness and soul contentment which is just on the horizon!

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