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Holistic Life Coaching – The Next Best Thing!

Don’t you know, haven’t you realized that we live in a world of opposites? And the opposites play out in our daily lives, without cognizance of man’s nature phenomenon by most people.  That we are indeed dual beings, just as day and night, up and down, negative and positive, forward and backward, yes this is our very nature!  How does this fit into life coaching?  Because the essential core business of life coaches, is to enable clients who experience counter-active and counter-productive, intrusive thoughts, which can hinder, a person/group from attaining better outcomes in personal relationships, dreams, and aspirations, family and work life, to sum it up life in general.

Please note though, that the business of life coaching is strictly for the well-regulated and normal person/s.  This service is not for the person who is or may be clinically ill/diagnosed.

The intro simply supports and promotes, that the preference of life coaches trained in positive psychology.  As becoming the next best preference, by seekers who are desirous of becoming endowed with a multiple array of useful tools, which are sure to add some fluorescent colors to life, living and well-being!

The prediction as stated by the American Positive Psychology Fraternity, predicts, that by the age 2024 the field of Positive Psychology Coaches/Psychologist would have grown to an exponential rate. And the best trending and in demand profession in the social sciences for human development.  You may be wondering, so what is Positive Psychology all about? Does one go around all chipper and happy, all smiles, and pay little or no attention to the suffering around us? Or take an insensitive response to the various psycho-social dilemmas that confronts us daily?

Hell no! Rather positive psychology, essentially equips the individual to acquire a combination of skills sets, which enables one to advance, noble, and forward thinking approaches, to issues that affects quality of life and well-being, most times in a generic context. The very theoretical model, which states Positive Engagement in/for Relationships affecting Meaning and fueling Accomplishment. P.E.R.M.A sets the foundation and guiding precepts for optimal interventions, to those who opt for life coaching. Beginning at an individual, and the individual/group within the work life and community dynamics.

This work is pretty new to the discipline of the social sciences. Its founder, Dr. Martin Seligman, former President of the American Psychological Association (APA) is the pioneer of this advance, and might I add balance prospectus, in context to the field and practice of psychology/social sciences. It was first recognized, and became instituted in the late 1968. Soon the halls of academia and various social sciences movements, made room to accommodate, validate, and incorporate the science of positive psychology.  Creating the perfect balance in the prospectus, application, and intervention in the field of human and social sciences. 

Its strength based approaches, promotes self – awareness through modalities of mindfulness, optimism, flow, gratitude, altruism, and music to name a few and the fundamental mechanisms of mind skills and communication/action skills. As well as, alternative approaches to therapeutic healing. These approaches have been crafted and engineered into D Euphoria Xperience’s holistic well-being brand!  Via a creative and scientifically supported business. This five senses approach to wellness is sure to add dimension to your journey to wellness.   One example of this is the cross modal element on the financial well-being pillar. Why? Because financial security for most is the key element that enables flourishing.   As well, the growing and shifting paradigm in the arena of goods and services, is getting a face lift, in terms of the world of work and its many avenues, and opportunities via internet technologies!

What about the growing trend of freelancing, and the freedom it affords!  Plus many folks are seeking alternatives such as working from home.  Why not? Go for it, get the discipline, knowledge, awareness spoken via the blogs as cultivating you for the success that you desire. Back to holistic life coaching.  Are you interested in becoming a positive psychology life coach?  Please refer to the suggested virtual platforms, do your independent research, and if that does not help enough, you can contact us for more information. We certainly need more driven, visionary in the field, especially in my Caribbean hemisphere.

Recommendations to Learning/Training Institutions:

Center for Confidence and Well-being, Scotland


The University of Pennsylvania, Positive Psychology Centre


Positive Psychology Institute, Sydney


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