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Live in the Realm of Creativity and Find your Flourishing

Oh yes you can, oh yes you will, live life more than where you are at present, live life more in your will.  How can I convey the notion, how can I endorse.  That this simple time and space in motion is the process through the course.

The path to a flourishing life is the journey through which there is no absolute destination. Let me share one my favorite true life story.  In fact, it may be a well-known life story, and one that has certainly inspired me in the work that I do.   This story is about a very young girl having lived her earlier life coming from the rough side of the tracks.  Those impressionable years, she relates was relegated to a life base on her rough environment.  Her primary caregivers, evolved from a life subjected to the status-quo of the day, which was preset to impede any will of aspiration towards transcended ambitions.

Having endured emotional and sexual abuse, lack of money, bumping around from one relative to the next, was raped and found herself pregnant.  Yet she took those negative, numbing events from her life, and used them as stepping stones and pearls of wisdom. And like the legend of the phoenix, burnt, recreated, and rose from the ashes. 

Her name, the renowned Oprah Winfrey sometimes reverently called Ms. Winfrey.  One of my many virtual role models.  I am sure that her life story is one that sure inspires most of us, and was it not for her creative will coming from what some may call, a sordid pass she may not have impacted the world as she has today. She aspired towards all that she can be, as such continues to make her mark in the world.

However, the fact remains that not all of us can aspire to that level of success.  In fact, it is my belief that each of us are created with some special quality to serve mankind in our unique way.  But some of has lost the way, or maybe shelve that noble goal for many reasons.   But wait, creativity ain’t no stroll down the park.  In fact, it emerges and flows from the depths of a combination qualities which includes, the mind, body and spirit absolute equations. 

Barriers to Creativity

In another blog (Building Human Capacity through Life Coaching in Positive Psychology) I’ve identified the causes that inhibits creativity, this being the negativity bias which has been our predominant human conditioning. It’s a social phenomenon of which most of us are affected by.  The following are a few barriers:

  1. Limiting belief systems
  2. Close minded vs Open minded
  3. Lack of self-care (nurturing)
  4. Lack of spiritual nurturing
  5. Life stressors
  6. Personal/Social prejudice
  7. Challenges with self-discipline

Creativity Activated

As a life coach in positive psychology, one of the tools that we are endowed with is the ability to identify those untapped, unaware core strengths within the individual that begins the process of discovery to self -knowledge and self –love. Through a number of applications in the process one can attain to their highest abilities, thereby, lead to an increase in life satisfaction and delightful living, in all spheres of life.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I willing to explore other sources of enriching information?
  2. What do I connect to that has the potential to move me?
  3. Am I willing to begin a process that can lead to self-discovery?
  4. Do I meet the mental, emotional capacity to begin the process of accelerating my life?

Now that you have engaged with the information shared.  You are well on your way to moving forward with your fullest range of capacity intact.  In the words of Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology “Human beings are Homo-Prospectus and not just homo- sapiens”. Get the juice out of the fruits that you have been uniquely gifted with, and begin the process of living your best life! YOU CAN DO IT . Recommended book inspiration on the topic


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