D'euphoria Xperience

Perfect Imperfection

We are living in times where we need new clothes that re-frame us for the inevitable new. There’s a measure of psycho-social, educational, economic, cultural, and belief systems that are at the feet of apathy and its spillovers. As if to say, we have arrived at the end of an outdated trajectory, and there seems to be a voice that beacons from someplace an undeniable need for reform, re-take in the declining held premises as per the above. And the need to gracefully converse various ways and means that enables the new. This piece is written during COVID-19.

However, at this juncture, I wish to dial down in context with the microelement. The individual, the lone person in their person-hood. Through which provides an avenue for the change that we all seek can enable the new. We all are fighting our demons en route to the next dimension, next chapter, to the new journey/beginning.
And, as per the topic.

If I had one wish I’d repeal and replace the word perfect and all its superlatives. To progress/progression. This word has caused more harm than good. It has taken away the fundamental qualities of this human experience. As we are created to always be in pursuit of progress and not arrive at any destination, which the word perfect/perfection implies. This word quality is embedded in the nucleus form (mind) that shapes worldview/explanatory styles in the realm of mental/emotional disorder – perfectionism. After all, what else is there after that? I think it a bit paralyzing and daunting to reach perfection.

Re, this topic. How did I get here? It was after the defeat of a personal commitment that the epiphany happened. There I was feeling somewhat guilty. Not knowing that after some thoughtfulness about the scenario that I resolved that the present moment even in a chaotic situation is just perfect. What this simply says, is that we may require to re-frame some new goals, some decisions to make, a new course of action to take, which also includes leaving it up to divine timing to bring to us the victory we are seeking towards.

Then, like a triathlon, we are unto the next leg of the journey. In this way, life becomes more meaningful, hopeful, and the quality of resilience, flow, and optimism are the torch that lights the way forward.  I do hope that you can agree that truly it’s not about the destination, but rather the journey that brings us to the higher place. That you are always in your state of perfect in context. And like the reach to the top of that mountain. When you look up there’s a higher mountain afar of. And if you are up for the challenge your will waits should you desire to pursue to that higher mountain.

I’d like to hear your take in the comments section. I’m always at the learning curb in life.   Your point of view might just add another dimension and I may say hmmm. “I did not quite look at it that way”.

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