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The Journey Begins

Hello visitor,  Thank you for your  visit and interest to the website. About D Euphoria Xperience.  This enterprise is built on a combination of morals and values which advances further health and well-being, via an amazing, multi-prong dynamics for optimum living, through positive psychology.  The birth of this enterprise sure has a background and a story of a single experience that sparked the insights for this business.

A bit about me. I am a qualified holistic life coach in positive psychology and social worker who has discovered some unconventional ways of treating with various personal and social phenomenon.  Driven by practicing the discipline through methods that are empowering and enriching with the prospects of truly impacting lives. I am privileged to be tuned in and tapped into the God element in allowing me to genuinely share in what I’ve coined the “Wellness Decoded” endeavor!

The traditional and conventional systems of human services, in particular, social work has done much. But the knowledge, observation, and criticism on the current model has lead to an interesting path to the other side of the divide, in these humanistic affairs. To include the essential facets that affect the quality of life for attainment to higher human expression.

Some of you may not be aware of the recent science of positive psychology model.  What is positive psychology and how credible/accredited is the science?  Well while it continues to exponentially grow, its complimentary gamut of the social sciences focuses on the sound and healthy functioning individual, who may require a new set of tools that advances to optimum health and well-being in almost every aspect of life.

Positive Psychology fundamentally seeks to equip the healthy functioning individual with practical and useful methods that can be applied throughout the spectrum of life.  Such as personal, interpersonal, and social; in targeted areas of family, work-life balance, personal and professional relationship, and the wider social community.

D Euphoria Xperience, however, has crafted an amazing multi-prong intervention to well-being, which captures the fundamentals/pillars that optimizes human functioning. Towards achieving a  balance between what is termed eudaimonic well-being, and hedonistic experiences (long term happiness/short term happiness). The opportunities that this platform affords and promotes is getting you to the level of greater possibilities for self-expression.  And to engage with folks both near and far on topics of mutual interest, and in some cases to spark a new way forward, via the pillars of the growing prospects of positive psychology, through life coaching as research predicts.

A new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new YOU is possible at any age! It matters less your present state of affairs in your personal journey at present. You can always RENEW and REINVENT! void from the culturally accepted ways of doing and being (like 60 is the new 40).

This website is designed for winners and persons who are interested in expanding self-awareness on topics such as health & wellness, nature, music, complementary alternative modalities (CAMS), sexual health, etc.  As well as the very important elements that fundamentally affects well-being such as financial health/opportunities, fashion, culture, music, and relationships.

In ways that are creative and forward thinking, spiritual, and intuitive. Through the tenets of positive psychology applying attention to the self, truly loving self towards transforming to the new, refreshed and rejuvenated!

We all know what the issues are in the world, added to these affairs is the apocalyptic forecast in almost every realm of life, from environmental, social, political which can be daunting. Notwithstanding that these issues are real and evident.  However, the pendulum of life in my humble view does not only consist of life’s tragedy, so too is the spectrum of triumph, hope, and success from tragedy which positive psychology enables.  Therefore I do hope you engage with us by subscribing to the website for a wholesome experience and opportunities for self-directed learning via our digital products in preparation for the new world that is before us.

So hop on along and let’s journey to Holistic Balance together!

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Grit Gumption

“In a Sky full of People only Some want to Fly, isn’t that Crazy”! Crazy – Seal

Taking yourself to the next level in any regard requires shear Grit.  The knowledge garnered in any new endeavor and in this regard your career is evolved through practical, calculated and incremental steps toward the higher ground.  Especially when the attainment to venture into something new which most times lead to self-discovery of skills and talents laid dormant and untapped.

A note of gratitude for the postmodern age of enlightenment, the Renaissance, which has laid the foundation to the ever progressive and heavily entrenched age of information in this context.  The new and spectacular diverse array of online knowledge and training via the collaborative/affiliate programs being suggested on this platform.

Such as the e-marketing, e-commerce and self-help offerings on this website can begin the journey to a shift in your career, more so quality of life.  It may very well be that your purpose and plan to contribute more meaningfully may be at hand, should you choose to avail yourself to the array of courses.

The endless suite of design technology, devices, now enables access and reach in either personal, social or business pursuits in a global, cross-cultural environment.  The inevitable and tending to the new frontier presents the world of freelancing, online services, digital products, e-commerce, e-marketing. Coupled with a spectrum of informal educational offerings by way of digital products and services.

However, in my own journey, the mere puffs statements such as “How to make $,10,000.00 in a month” may psychologically off-set unreasonable and impractical expectations.  The suitable adage which states “The race is not for the swift, but for those who endure to the end”, is quite fitting and applicable in these pursuits.

Let’s deduct this construct. The subliminal effects at times can affect an expectation of getting that $10,000.00 as advertised in short time, yet the bobbing and weaving elements to the surety of that cash reward most times is where the challenges lie and the will to endure is the proof of the pudding.

I am sure your will to succeed will lead you to many necessary and essential paths in setting the sturdy platform for success.

The go getter forward ever attitude needs to be consistently activated and feed.  Like the premise of this enterprise, all things affect the whole. So too are the imperatives of capturing every element of your life, to include the critical aspect of self-care and pampering from time to time along the journey.

May you seek to establish the universal principles/laws that guide and governs your pursuits in understanding by the apt title of this article.  The kickbacks in pursuit will inevitably far outweigh the potential of your hard and in some cases smart work in securing your financial health, to add, the benefits of a healthier sense of self-esteem, confidence and soul contentment. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY BEGINS”

  1. Wow! Welcome. I’m also a social worker but on my own path to self-discovery and I’m seeing a lot of things in a different light too. I do hope to enjoy the journey with you here.

  2. Thank you Ajas, I am happy to hear about your experience. I sure have come some way to discovering myself, and hope to engage the world on a new way forward to personal care and development!

  3. This really a great read. I have read a couple of your blogs already, and I must say I’m lucky to have found myself here. Self-discovery and self-improvment are two great tools for unlocking the real self within. The great man deep down, of course!

    1. Hello Michelle, thank you for the fabulous response! Please subscribe and stay tuned for some more dynamic content and offers in the future!

  4. Wow. A social worker? So nice. I’m particularly interested in the inspire to aspire sessions and I am super excited about what would come out of it. I’m all for motivation and always strive to be a part even if I would only have to watch.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Isabella, yeah social worker doing social work on the upside of life. Stay tune for more exciting stuff and for sure more motivation and drive for personal success

  5. You are definitely doing a good job with expanding self-awareness on certain issues, especially sexual health. For this, I’ll be checking often to be sure I won’t be left out of the opportunity, including financial health/opportunities, knowing fashion, etc.

    1. Hello Francisca. It gives me great pleasure to know that you’re finding value. Please stay tuned for some awesome info, and tips on holistic wellness.

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