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Frequently asked questions

The key to success is investing in the greatest asset of all assets. You. People most times are driven to excel through an unconscious propensity, which most time leads to lack of fulfillment, mental and emotional  problems in other vital department in ones life. To over invest in their careers, and under invest in their personal development.   Working on personal  development has its rewards  both personally and professionally.

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Yes, anyone whose diligent, action oriented, and driven in their process of self exploration, towards achieving their various goals in life.  These goals are accomplished through the partnership between the coach and the coachee.


This brand is created through the story of my life.  That anyone who truly wish to soar ahead in life can make their aim, dreams,  and life’s purpose  a reality can.   Irregardless of social economic class, and the limitations that are closely coupled within such circumstances.   I firmly believe  in the tenants of personal empowerment/development, even at present it’s the road  less traveled. Yet necessary, to be well equipped for a brighter future ahead. Also, through data, and research; the demand of the market place requires a certain type of  future prospects for new industry careers.


Not at the moment. But a better proposal to partner and collaborate with other pertininent service providers and niche base coaches is offered. If you’re interested contact for further info.

RecommendationS & Testimonials

I have known Coach Heather for over fifteen years both personally and professionally. I best describe her as an amazing person whose life is guided by her strong philosophical, educational, and spiritual beliefs.
One thing I particularly admire is her diverse knowledge and experiential background which makes her flexible, understanding, trustworthy, caring, and very creative.

She's focused and exhibits bounding energy towards personal development and enhancement and that of others.

My in-depth knowledge and trust in her abilities as a life coach, as well suited given her love and appreciation of others and the skills and accomplishment to effectively empower the lives of those who seek her services as a professional. As such, I recommend anyone to access the services that she offers.

Rupert Jones, Former Chair, Allied Health & Sciences Department
My experience with DEX Life Coach has made a very positive impact on my life. Before I struggled with more negative ways of thinking. I no longer see negative situations as a personal attack but as a life challenge. You thought me to find ways to treat with each situation. You have reinforced to me that out of every bad situation comes good. I've had an experience recently and remembered your suggestions. I got a breakthrough. So now it's to get to the next level. I've also discovered a few characteristics about myself, which are now the driving force toward me starting my own business and I value my self-worth even more.
I worked with Coach Heather for the past 11years. She is an amazing coach. Always sharing current ideas. She identifies your values. She has a valuable non-defensive communication skills. Her ability to use mediation and networking techniques helps to make better transitions. What I admire most is her very down-to-earth disposition and having the ability to meet you wherever you are. I recommend her to anyone making changes towards their ideal life goals. She is indeed exceptional. Ganese Gunpath MAC Practicing Psychotherapist
My experience with DEX Life Coach came to me at a time it was most needed. I was just laid off from my job, going through a divorce, and facing the many challenges that life sometimes offers. With the assistance of Coach Heather, I was truly able to reinforce my beliefs in never giving up and was able to harness the true power of manifestation in achieving my goal and aspirations. Today, I have established my business as well as fused my passion for cooking and sharing that with others in a very unique way. I would recommend this service to anyone who wishes to leap towards their dreams.
Dennison Hutchinson
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