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Leverage Your Relationship. What Does Your Marvel Superhero Type Reveal About You!

Have you been finding yourself afraid to begin a new relationship or difficulty to understand why others behave the way they do?  Do you find that meeting new people is not easy for you and maybe not your particular preference?

Do you like working alone or prefer to work with others? How about feelings of being either weird, hard to get along or maybe misunderstood? Lets take you on a brief journey to debunk the notion about any of the above. Using Myers Briggs Personality Type Test.

Used by millions around the world. MBTI continues to help people to discover their unique personality type and that of others. These tools can better enhance your romantic life or interest, lead you to that ideal career path, help to understand the difference in others and minimize conflict in the workplace. As an entreprenuer/business owner understand how to serve your customers better.

As a starter to the main course with regards to understanding personality types you're asked 12 short questions, which helps you get started to knowing more about who you are in relations to your goals, how you handle life stressors, pain points and so much more. And yes believe it or not Hollywood has captured the knowledge in identifying both the strengths and weakness in each chracter type in this instance Marvel Superheros. Let's see which chracter best describes you.  


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